The Fountain of Youth by Sherman Woods

The Fountain of Youth by Sherman Woods
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Author: Sherman Woods
Publisher: Timbuktu Renaissance Books
Copyright Date: 2009
Foundational Characters: Virtue, Baron, Ryan, The Timekeepers, The Evil Lord
Standard Rating: Y+
Reviewer Rating: 1 Star
Available Formats: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0615271944
ISBN-13: 978-0615271941
Book Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.3 inches
Page Count: 126
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Play, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Tags: Fiction, Play, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


In the distant future, a female Messiah is imprisoned by a timeless evil creature. A courageous man risks his life to save the planet and liberate the mystical woman. The Fountain of Youth is a musical love story. Baron and Virtue experience passion for one another from the moment their eyes meet. The Planet of Truth has less than a week to survive. The Evil Lord has cast a shadow of death over the whole planet. All of the inhabitants will be lost unless Baron’s attempt to free Virtue succeeds. Four other female beings called, “The Timekeepers” use their wisdom to help Virtue realize her own power. Their insights are shared through word and song. Baron receives encouragement from his three friends but must face the dangerous time portals alone. They are the only way for Baron to traverse time and space to reach the female Messiah. The time portals are patrolled by the fiercest and craftiest spirits in the universe. They seek Baron’s death. (From the author’s website)

The Revelation

The Fountain of Youth is a two-act play about a female savior that has been trapped by an evil lord for thousands of years. Multiple suitors have attempted to rescue the savior from the evil lord and have lost their lives in the process. In order for the potential suitor to have a chance to rescue the Savior, the suitor must have flawless love for the Savior-a trait that is extremely rare among men. The Savior’s name is Virtue. She is the daughter of Faith, one of the four Timekeepers whose responsibility it is to keep balance throughout the universes and portals that connect them.

In its written form, The Fountain of Youth reads like a really bad romance novel. Woods failed to hire a competent editor to help him clean up the dialogue, grammar, and punctuation. There are also a number of instances where clichés are used, and clichés are always unattractive when an author would like a piece of their writing to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, I was unable to take this story seriously.

The quality of the writing was very amateurish. The stage directions were very sparse and clipped, so the reader had a vague idea of the setting at best. This is a musical, and there are a number of songs throughout the play. The best quality of the lyrics is that some of them rhymed. As I read through the play and I would come across a song, I really wanted to hear the soundtrack performed so I could give a more objective review of that aspect of the play. But as they are on the printed page, the lyrics are one-dimensional at best. They failed to reach out and grab me as the reader. They failed to add interest to the play as a whole. It would be wonderful if the author and/or the publisher of this play made audios of the songs available on their respective websites so the reader could experience them prior to purchasing a copy of the printed play.


Contains descriptions of violence, suggestive dancing, and adult themes.

Click the link to purchase your copy of The Fountain Of Youth

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1 Response to The Fountain of Youth by Sherman Woods

  1. Mary Martin says:

    The fountain of youth is something that we all which we could obtain in our own lives because we all want to stay young, but outside of that I think this story is very interesting and exciting! Dree

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