The Ticket by Sean Liv

The Ticket by Sean Liv
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Author: Sean Liv
Publisher: Sean Liv Productions
Copyright Date: 2010
Foundational Characters: n/a
Standard Rating:  Y+
Reviewer Rating: 3 Stars
Available Formats: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098139860X
ISBN-13: 978-0981398600
Book Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.5 x 0.6 inches
Page Count: 294
Genre: Non-Fiction
Sub-Genre: Health, Fitness, Motivation, Transformation, Mind & Body, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Recipes
Tags: Non-Fiction, Home, Organization, Exercise, Workout, Health, Fitness, Motivation, Transformation, Mind & Body, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Recipes


The Ticket is perfect for people who have been trying to lose weight, make positive changes in their life or live out a dream they’ve always had. With practical tips and motivational stories, The Ticket shows people how easy it can be to break through their barriers and find their own inner power. The Ticket gives straightforward advice for strengthening body, mind and spirit, creating a united foundation for profound and positive change. It’s full of exercises you don’t need a gym membership for, tips for smart grocery shopping, strategies to make better choices – and more! It’s the ticket to a transformed life! (From the author’s website)

The Revelation

Have you ever seen that romantic comedy movie? Yeah, the one in which the male character meets the female character, does something stupid to screw the relationship up completely, and then does something else to mend the relationship so they can live happily ever after? That type of film is what film critics call the “cookie-cutter romantic comedy”. In other words, so many romantic comedies have been made that fit that description that viewers can see them coming from a mile away. This is true for all cookie-cutter film genres. A number of action and drama films can be considered “cookie-cutter” as well. Similarly, the motivational/self-help book genre is seeing the emergence of a number of seemingly cookie-cutter titles as well. The Ticket by Sean Liv shows a number of the cookie-cutter symptoms found in this genre.

Here’s the pattern that books like this follow: The author had a rough, boring, unfruitful, pointless life until one day they decide to get up and do something different. Before their transformation, they are typically fat and unhealthy, suffer from low self-esteem and self-worth, have a number of toxic relationships, and are at a low point in life. After waking up sick and tired of their lives, they decide to finally do something about their lives. They stop eating poorly and begin to exercise and get active. They finally see a professional for counseling, or start living the advice a number of past counselors gave them years before. When they start seeing the fruits of their new activities, they begin to feel empowered, full of life and energy, and ready to conquer the world. Then they decide they need to become a personal trainer, motivational speaker, or guru of some sort, write a book, and attempt to pass their experiences off as something new.

The funny thing about books like this is that they are everywhere. Literally everywhere. The contents are all the same, and because the author somehow feels enlightened, they also feel the responsibility to share their message with the world. Then a new book is born, or a new diet, or a new and improved exercise routine. Or, in other words, more of what the world does not need.

The intended audience of a book like The Ticket needs to realize something and realize it fast: What you need to improve your life, help you make better decisions, and make improvements is not found in a book like this. Hire a personal trainer, or a therapist, or find a priest or other ecclesiastical leader, that will help you find the root of your problems so you can fix them first. Once the root causes of your problems are identified and dealt with, life will start to improve. The latest and greatest fitness or nutrition guru’s book will not help you in the least.


This is another health/fitness/transformation book. Approach at your own risk.

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