Nomad on the Run by Georges Benay

Nomad on the Run by Georges Benay
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Author: Georges Benay
Publisher: Bookstand Publishing
Copyright Date: 2011
Foundational Characters: Eric Martin, Jeff Offenbach, Valerie, Laura
Standard Rating: YA
Reviewer Rating: 4 Stars
Available Formats: Paperback
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1589098404
ISBN-13: 978-1589098404
Book Dimensions: 8.3 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches
Page Count: 290
Genre: Fiction
Sub-Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Tags: Fiction, Action, Adventure, Thriller



Nomad on the Run is a fast-paced action adventure novel based in the North African kingdom of Morocco about greed, deceit and a viscious scheme to terrorize the global financial markets.

“You will find a humane hero caught in situations that deliver realistic emotions and thrills aplenty along the way … a completely engaging read from beginning to end.”
—Stevan Jovanovic, Author.

“A world-class novel that will have you reading right up the final cryptic page. You will enjoy the trip … a winner right out of the starting gate.”
—Chuck Waldron, Author.

“Georges Benay’s Nomad on the Run is a riveting thriller imbued with one difficult choice after another for the central character. One wrong step and all may be lost, “But when you feel a strong urge to do something, you must follow your heart. Nothing else must stand in your way, no matter what the consequences.” An intriguing plotline, vivid descriptions of foreign settings, and stunning character development are just a few of the many positive aspects that Nomad on the Run offers.”
—Mihir Shah, New Media. (From the author’s website)


Beneath the golden desert and azure seas of Morocco lurks a hidden world of greed, deceit and financial terrorism. But the players are not who you might think.

Lured away from his seemingly idyllic life as a managing director for a major international bank in Toronto, Eric Martin returns to his ancestral roots in Morocco. Tempted by a mysterious offer from a boutique financial firm, Eric soon discovers he has walked into the middle of a whirlwind where everyone has their own secret agenda, and he unwittingly has become the key to unlocking them all. From the broad avenues of Toronto to the mean streets of Casablanca, Eric rushes to discover the truth before time runs out.

But who can he trust? The power and attraction of money is strong. In the midst of a dangerous cast of characters, Jeff Offenbach, bank president, knows more than he lets on. But how much does he know? Is he a key player in a scheme to terrorize the global economy, or is he just trying to save his firm from becoming another victim of the global economic collapse? Valerie is the unknown factor. Is she involved in the partners’ machinations, or is she as guileless as Eric?

Can he trust her?

And more importantly, will he survive long enough to find out?

“Georges Benay has written a world-class novel and will have you reading right up to the final, cryptic message. You will enjoy the trip … a winner right out of the starting gate. He has peopled Nomad on the Run with a wide range of interesting and believable characters, and created a word canvas rich in detail … and when the reader has maneuvered past the plot twists and reads past the roadblocks in the protagonist’s path, the reward will be a story you will remember long after you read the last page.”
—Chuck Waldron, Author of Served Cold, Tears in the Dust, and Remington and the Mysterious Fedora. (From the publisher’s website)

The Revelation

In a suspenseful thriller approaching the quality and depth of John Grisham and Dan Brown, Georges Benay takes a deep look at the financial systems of the world and deconstructs the problems of a broken system. Because our current world financial system is so fragile, is would be relatively easy for terrorists to strike at the heart of the world economy. After all, if the world financial system were to collapse, whole societies would fall with it.

Eric Martin is a very successful investment banker who is lured to Morocco-the country of his ancestral roots-when a strange professional opportunity presents itself. The timing could not be more perfect. His relationship with Laure, his long-time girlfriend, is falling apart, and his position at the Banque du Commerce in Montreal, Canada was threatened by internal politics. Forced into a leave of absence, Eric took the time he needed to reassess his live and goals. Then the note that would change his life forever came from out of nowhere.

The note was nondescript and looked like another piece of junk mail. Eric almost threw it away before opening it. When he opened it, it was obviously hand-written, and oddly featured a type-written phone number. That is when Eric’s adventure began.

Leaving Laura and her quirks and demands behind, Eric boarded a plane to Morocco with a one-way ticket. Once he steps off the plane, his whole world changes and will never be the same again. What else would you expect from a good suspense novel? Nomad on the Run is a page-turner from beginning to end. I wouldn’t be surprised if a big publishing house picks this one up sometime soon. I doubt this will be the last novel the reading public will see from Georges Benay.


Contains some adult themes and language.

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